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Documentation - Version 3.5

These documents apply to Chronolator Version 3.5.

The version you are using is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the Licence Acceptance screen that you see when you open a Chronolator document.

If you are not using Version 3.5, find your one here.

Release Notes

Available formats

Documentation for Version 3.5 is available in Word and PDF formats.

We recommend Word for online viewing, and PDF for printing - but the choice is up to you.

DocumentContentsWord versionPDF version
Setting Up Chronolator Documents

How to create Chronolator Documents using the Chronolator Online Workbench, and how to distribute them.

Setting Up Chronolator Documents.docxSetting Up Chronolator Documents.pdf
Using Chronolator Documents

How to enter events in a Chronolator Document, how to combine Chronolator Documents into Composite Chronologies, and how to use all the other tools and features Chronolator provides.

Contains a complete list of all Chronolator messages.

Using Chronolator Documents.docxUsing Chronolator Documents.pdf
Using Chronolator Samples

Contains some exercises you can undertake with the sample documents to acquaint yourself with the main features of Chronolator.

Using Chronolator Samples.docxUsing Chronolator Samples.pdf
Release Notes

Describes the principal changes between Chronolator Versions 3.3 and 3.5.

Chronolator Version 3.5 Release Notes.docxChronolator Version 3.5 Release Notes.pdf
Installation Verification Procedure

After you have downloaded and unzipped Chronolator you can use the procedure described in this document to check the installation of the Chronolator Online Workbench.

Chronolator Installation Verification Procedure.docxChronolator Installation Verification Procedure.pdf
Getting a non-Chronolator review into Chronolator

New customers have often already started a review before they buy a Chronolator licence. This document outlines how Chronolator can be used to improve the process of assembling a multi-agency chronology from a collection of non-Chronolator documents. It uses an example based on a table received from an actual customer.

Getting a non-Chronolator review into Chronolator.docxGetting a non-Chronolator review into Chronolator.pdf
Group Policy settings for Chronolator Macros

Describes Word Options and Microsoft Office Group Policy Administrative Templates that affect the ability to run macros, and thus the ability to run Chronolator.

Group Policy settings for Chronolator Macros.docxGroup Policy settings for Chronolator Macros.pdf
Running Macros In Old Versions Of Word

Chronolator works by running macros in the background. How to do this in Word 2010 and later versions is described in the Using Chronolator Documents manual. This document explains how to do it in Word 2007 and earlier versions.

RunningMacros In Old VersionsOf Word.docxRunning Macros In Old Versions Of Word.pdf
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