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Upgrading to a new version

What are the things to consider when you upgrade to a new version?


Chronolator Documents created by all versions released to date are fully compatible with each other - you can import Chronolator documents from one version into another. The resulting document will be at the level of the importing document. There is no need to upgrade Chronolator documents you have already created.

Recommended procedure

We recommend that you put the new version into a different set of folders from your old version. Doing this will prevent any chance of losing any changes you might have made to the Master Chronology (though you will need to re-apply these to the new version).

After you have unzipped the downloaded files into the new folders, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy your new licence into the 'ChronologySetup' folder containing the Online Workbench;
  2. If you had customised the text in the Master Chronology, copy your changes into the new one.

Release History

The release history page describes the differences between releases.

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